The word Afmerica breaks down into three parts:

1.  If you cover the letter “f” it says America
2.  If you cover the word “me” it says Africa
3.  When you cover the word “Africa” it says “me”

Which stands for:  African American me”


To promote “identity” for African American people that creates an outlet of pride and unity through new symbols that advocates the duality of African American people.

To quote the African American author Jawanza Kunjufu, “We need to change the values of our people from individualism, materialism, and short term gratification to collectivism, freedom and long term self sufficiency”.

The logo is not a fashion statement – The logo represents identity, pride, dignity and honor.

  • Gold – Represents Royalty
  • White – Represents Purity
  • Blue – Represents Total Honor
  • Red – Represents the Blood Shed Across America
  • Green – Represents the Rich Earth of the Mother Land
  • Black – Representing African Americans across the United States


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Self Identity

This is about recognizing who you are as the individual. You have worth. Recognize the greatness that is within you. Recognize what was inherited to you from the struggle. We want to teach you the power of who you are and how God has made you.

The Power of the Nation

We were victorious through the struggles. Understanding that we’re better together, we made it. A house divided cannot stand. We are more than conquerors. With that, no weapon formed against us can prosper. We cannot or will not be defeated. Defeat is not an option.

Become Part of this Family

Have you ever felt like:

  • you feel misunderstood as a person?
  • you were marginalized as an identity?
  • you feel like your story doesn’t matter?
  • you feel like you are dismissed before you even walk into a room?

We want to support you and stand up together as one. We invite you to have some dialogue with us: CLICK HERE to get in touch.

About Afmerica

Our LOGO was launched and inspired by God in 1997 – “AFmerica”.

So you mean to tell me that someone down your ancestry line survived being chained to other human bodies for several months in the bottom of a disease-infested ship during the Middle Passage, lost their language, customs and traditions, picked up the English language as best they could while working free of charge from sun-up to sun-down as they watched babies sold from out of their arms and women raped by ruthless slave owners.

Took names with no last names, no birth certificates, no heritage of any kind, braved the Underground Railroad, survived the Civil War to enter into sharecropping.  Learned to read and write out of sheer will and determination, faced the burning crosses of the KKK, everted their eyes at the black bodies swinging from ropes hung on trees.  Fought in World Wars as soldiers to return to America as boys, marched in Birmingham, hosed in Selma, jailed in Wilmington, assassinated in Memphis, segregated in the South, ghettoed in the North, ignored in history books, stereotyped in Hollywood.. and in spite of it all someone in your family line endured every era to make sure you would get here and you receive one rejection, face one obstacle, lose one friend, get overlooked, and you want to quit?  How dare you entertain the very thought of quitting.  People you will never know survived from generation to generation so you could succeed.  Don’t you dare let them down.

Give this to your young people who don’t know their history and want to get weak.

It is NOT in our DNA to quit!

Let’s start a discussion. Let us know what you think and reach out below:

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To support, inspire, & educate.


Jerry Demmer


Roger Murphy



– Stevie Johnston, two-time former WBC lightweight champion

– Tyrone Scott Braxton, two-time NFL championship winner in Super Bowl XXXII and Super Bowl XXXIII